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My heart and creative soul live in the tropics.

Once you've lived here, you never leave. You may go away, but your emotions, are still in the tropics. Floridians call the phenomena "sand in your shoes." I call it deep roots. Roots like palm trees that are flexible enough to bend with the harsh blow of hurricane winds. Palm trees are never the same after a storm. Sometimes their scars show, sometimes not. Broken, twisted, ugly or straight, they simply remake themselves and grow in new directions.

That's the lure of the tropics. Things and people are rarely who and what they seem to be. The heat burns away anything that isn't essential. The exterior is merely fa├žade created over the foundation of the wind-twisted roots of the last storm. There is no past, only now, and maybe a future.

My stories are like that. Fiction or fact, they tell tales of people who encounter a storm, change and thrive.

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