Catherine Swope Mystery Series

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Ex-cop Catherine Swope thought her crime solving days were over. That was before she discovered Zoning Commissioner Gavin Allison hanging from the rafters in his own garage. It looked like a simple suicide, but the police want an explanation for the drunken threat Catherine left on Gavin's voice mail the night before he died. The same night she helped rescue him from a near riot of disgruntled variance seekers at a Zoning Commission meeting.

The police investigation takes aim directly at Catherine, and events spiral out of control. While the police seem to see only Catherine, her suspect pool includes a town full of angry residents who blame Gavin for their pending foreclosures. Then her investigation ties secrets from the Commissioner's past to blackmail, his former law partner, and an underage sex scandal. Attempts on her life escalate faster than Miami's steamy summertime humidity. Like a kaleidoscope in motion, one final clue clicks into place. Or is that the sound of the trigger pull of the Glock pressed to her head?

ZONED FOR MURDER, a novel complete at 87,000 words, tackles the seven deadly sins mixed with extreme pressures of  losing everything in the housing catastrophe, and making decisions.




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Catherine Swope is thrilled with her first multi-million dollar real estate sale. Bidding on the confiscated Miami Beach mansion at the Federal auction was her idea. Now she's found the perfect buyer. When Catherine discovers the soon to be new homeowner dead in the bathtub, her plans fall apart. What looks like a tragic accident turns out to be murder. Police and DEA investigations uncover a web of connections that tie Catherine to the death, and to the drugs left behind at the house. The coincidences force her to conduct her own investigation, and put her directly in the line of fire. Someone wants to frame Catherine for murder, dead or alive.


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